Mick Naumann

Mick’s primary role at BridgeShield is to head up the Risk Department, working closely with lenders in the short-term market to oversee and advise on all manner of industry factors, including geographical price trends, market saturation, specific valuation methodologies, etc. His focus is to provide independent expert guidance to clients in order to give them comfort relating to the value of specific property assets. In addition, Mick is heavily involved supporting the receiver work, alongside Ben Hubbard.

Prior to joining the BridgeShield team in 2017, Mick had over 10 years of experience in the property industry across a number of sectors, including residential, commercial, investment and acquisitions. Mick’s knowledge of the industry and ability to identify any potential problems has transferred seamlessly into the world of property finance and risk assessment.

Mick’s leisure time, which is limited due to a dog and a one-year old son, is spent either watching or playing football (both English and American), illustrating and socialising with friends.