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Experience has taught us that each case is unique and requires the correct action plan from the outset.

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At Bridgeshield not only do we understand that no two cases are the same, but also that as a lender you may have a wide variety of assets in your portfolio.

That’s why we have built our expertise across a range of services, enabling us to support clients whatever the scenario. We find this flexibility enables us to provide a truly comprehensive approach, allowing us to focus on finding the best way forwards without being blinkered. We won’t use a sledgehammer to crack a walnut.

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Case studies

We assess each case individually and tailor a solution specifically designed for that client and that property.

Grade II listed building in Mayfair

Completed sale price £9,540,000

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Portfolio of student lets in Sheffield

Upon instruction, we liaised directly with the borrower who outlined they fully intended to refinance in the coming weeks

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Two-bedroom first floor apartment in Stratford

The property was in the process of an extensive programme of refurbishment

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BridgeShield Asset Management Limited was acquired by FRP Advisory Group plc in April 2022.