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Four bedroom property in Cricklewood

Working closely with local Building Control to get sign off. Please get in touch if you would like to know more.

Property Details

Cricklewood, London. Extended four-bedroom semi-detached house Property measured approximately 1,678 sq. ft.


The property comprised an extended four-bedroom semi-detached house, arranged over three storeys, benefiting from off street parking to the front and a garden area to the rear.

For legal reasons we were unable to liaise directly with the borrower and instead were instructed to meet with a bailiff at the outset, in order to take possession and secure the property. 


On initial inspection, the property itself appeared to be a well-appointed semi-detached house, which had recently been extended and undergone a program of refurbishment throughout.

Having consulted the planning portal, we established that the side and loft extension had been permitted, however upon further investigation it was noted that the above works had not been signed off by Building Control. Following discussions with the local planning consultants, it became apparent that the previous owners had completed the works but had not allowed access for the Building Control sign off for over two years.

It soon became clear that certain works had not been undertaken to the specified plans, hence the reluctance to allow the final council inspection. This included the size of the rear extension, the proximity to nearby apple trees, electrical safety certification, insulation levels in particular areas of roof space, etc.

Unfortunately, the combination of the above elements meant the property was not mortgageable via conventional standards and thus restricted any sale to a cash purchaser. This was not surprisingly therefore hugely detrimental to the overall value of the property.


Having identified all the above factors, we started to work closely with the local Building Control team in order to establish exactly what was required to satisfy their requirements. This included liaising with structural engineers to report on the soil plasticity of the ground surrounding the extension, as well as meeting with a number of contractors to install inspection holes and making good, where required, along with general decoration works throughout.

As we approached the end of the completion works, we instructed the services of the most suitable local agent. Following a thorough marketing campaign, we then accepted an offer and proceeded towards completion. 

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