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We are resolute in our efforts to unravel, demystify and resolve issues of all types, across all asset classes.

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No two cases are the same. No two clients are the same. We make it our priority to find the right solution every time, no matter how complex.

Why Bridgeshield?

One of our guiding principles is to ensure that each lender’s unique requirements are understood by the whole BridgeShield team, since experience has shown that a ‘production line’ approach simply doesn’t deliver what short-term lenders need. Whilst there are systems in place and comprehensive MI is available, we know that fundamentally it is our property knowledge that is at the heart of maximising your recovery options.

We recognise the importance of building a relationship with your credit, operations and servicing teams and see it as part of our service to provide feedback and guidance where we think it could help. Dealing with cases that don’t turn out as expected sometimes means that lessons can be learned, and we will always offer to share this with you in whichever way you feel is appropriate.

The aim is to enable your teams to continue lending whilst BridgeShield help protect your portfolio and maximise recovery.


Over the last 5 years, the Bridgeshield team has grown and is now providing Asset Management, support to several specialist short-term lenders, across bridging, refurbishment and development finance. In addition, we provide Property Risk Assessment Reports for new lending proposals to reassure credit teams on the value of security being offered, which provides invaluable assurance on complex or unusual cases and where speed is essential.

Having spent years supporting lenders, BridgeShield understand the importance of providing complete transparency of information to their clients, so that management, funding partners and investors can be updated with confidence. That’s why every one of your cases is reviewed individually and we always seek to provide our clients with a range of options where possible, along with rationale to assist you in demonstrating the steps taken in reaching an outcome.

To further support our clients we have built a strong partnership with FRP Advisory, providing lenders with a comprehensive LPA Receivership solution that combines the reassurance of FRP’s nationwide corporate resources with BridgeShield property and asset management expertise.

How it started

BridgeShield was founded by Ben Hubbard in 2014, having gained a wealth of experience in the property lending business over almost 20 years.

After starting his career as a mortgage underwriter and then within the broker environment, Ben began working within the specialist lending sector just before the financial crisis where market conditions were at their most challenging for a generation.

With such depth of expertise, Ben found himself in demand from specialist lenders keen to learn from the mistakes of the past, providing advice and oversight on multiple aspects of property lending risk management.

It became clear from working with short-term lenders in particular, that there was a gap in the support available when loans go off-track, since the conventional receivership and litigation providers were typically large corporates with a focus on policy and procedures. Whilst this may be ideal for a mainstream lender, specialist lenders by their very nature were seeking a more flexible and personal approach, since their complex cases typically require a bespoke solution.


Transparency and fairness are crucial when working with clients and we recognise the obligations to borrowers and funders alike. That’s why our fee structure is both competitive and always agreed in advance, so that you know where you stand and avoid surprises. Contact us for details.

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Meet the team

Our team work closely with our clients to resolve problematic cases and we work across all asset classes, including residential, commercial, agricultural, development and land.

Mick Naumann

Associate Director

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Jesse Schubert

Administration Assistant

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Ben Hubbard


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Aimée Pryor

Finance Officer

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Patric Redding

Facilities Manager

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Nick McAuliffe

Operations Director

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BridgeShield Asset Management Limited was acquired by FRP Advisory Group plc in April 2022.